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Free tool lets small businesses monitor internet performance from the one place


How’s business? If you had a dollar for every time someone asked you that you wouldn’t have to work, right small business owner?

And, what with the complexities of running a modern company, it’s becoming an increasingly difficult question to answer.

New website WebControlRoom.com has attempted to tackle this issue with its free tool. It provides real-time performance reporting pulled from various sources.

If you’re a small business owner with part or all of your operations happening online, you’ll know what a pain it is to log in and out of various tracking sites in an effort to understand where you’re at, and where you’re heading.

Australian small business expert Dan Norris was inspired to build WebControlRoom.com due to his own battles with manually compiling analytics. By chatting with small business services like Mail Chimp, Xero, Klout and Google Analytics, Norris’ new site creates a one-page chart highlighting key metrics. That means business owners can access all the important information within seconds.

“Big companies love pretty charts. But small business owners want the right information, quickly. By focussing on month-on-month comparison data, WebControlRoom.com makes it clear which areas of your business are going well and which ones need attention.”

“Small business owners can open their report each day via their computer or mobile phone’s web browser and within a few seconds identify issues or see areas that are performing well.”

There are currently nine services integrated with WebControlRoom.com, with loads more on the way. What’s more it’s available in Beta to the public right now. Right this very second.

Off you go then.