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Free online 'starting a business course' for those with an idea


There’s a special place for those with a vision and the get-up-and-go to start something. www.thesbhub.com.au is an information resource and online community where you can learn a thing or two about starting a successful business!

I have an idea

Purpose of this course

The course will help you assess the feasibility of your business idea and develop it further.

About this course

This course has six lessons:

Lesson 1
Is your business feasible? – Decide if you have the ‘right stuff’, if your idea is really different and if you can make a living from it.

Lesson 2
Is there a market? – Is there actually a sustainable demand for your product or service?

Lesson 3
Can you compete? – Researching your competitors for strengths and weaknesses and developing your competitive advantage.

Lesson 4
Do you have the right business model? – Can you improve or change your business model? How can you protect it?

Lesson 5
Can you afford to start up? – Work out what funding you need and prepare a cash flow forecast. How much do you need to sell to break even?

Lesson 6
Should you continue? – Review your work, find additional support and build your business skills.

This course includes

  • Email reminders to keep you on track
  • Six downloadable workbooks
  • A course syllabus to navigate you through the course at your own pace, with links to articles and training modules