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FlikGift, whipping up a storm in the social media marketing game


Social media marketing will never be the same again. FlikGift, an innovative social gifting start-up backed by Pollenizer and Mi9, recently announced the Australian launch of its friend-to-friend marketing platform. It is going to enable retailers to target Australia’s 11 million Facebook users to increase brand awareness and loyalty and generate in-store or online traffic and sales.

How does FlikGift work? And what is special about it?

So, what is the big deal with this app? Well, FlikGift’s social gifting app, available on the web and on mobile devices, enables Australian consumers for the first time to send digital gift cards to their Facebook friends and family.

You must be thinking, “Huh? That’s all?” Now, here is what makes this app special.

First, it makes buying gift cards incredibly easy, and then goes ahead to encourage consumers to invite their Facebook friends to contribute to a gift card they have bought for a friend.

Now, social dynamics mean that consumers are more inclined to chip-in additional funds to a gift card started by another friend. So, the gift recipient receives a significantly higher gift card amount to spend with the retailer, whether in-store or online. Has anyone ever complained about a hefty gift card?

How does FlikGift benefit retailers?

In addition to higher spend, retailers benefit from the invaluable repeated brand exposure to the gift givers’ and gift recipient’s network of Facebook friends, which in turn can drive greater brand awareness and more store or website visits.

‘For each gift card created retailers see their brand promoted over 70 times to each network of Facebook friends’, said Shaun Johnson, co-founder of FlikGift. It’s brilliant, you must admit.

That’s not all though, the FlikGift marketing platform also offers retailers the opportunity to sponsor gift cards for particular customer types. They are able to precisely target their marketing activity at their ideal customer profile based on their desired variables such as gender, location, age, and interests.

Sponsored gift cards also offer retailers a very flexible marketing tool. They have been used before to promote new store openings and website/app relaunches or simply to reward loyal customers. According to Johnson, “Sponsoring a gift card creates a stronger emotional connection between retailer and consumer as the gift recipient feels they have received something of real value that has a degree of exclusivity”.

FlikGift’s model, which is entirely performance-based, is powerful. “Retailers now have a much lower cost way to engage with and acquire the customers they want whilst consumers love receiving sponsored and group gift cards from their friends to spend on items they actually want,” said Johnson.

Talk about a win-win situation!