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Free news app enters the market… yes, not a pay wall in sight!


Local Today is a free online news portal that has been providing users with content since February 2012. The team behind Local Today has unveiled an iPhone app that offers users access to totally free, localised news based on their location.

Local, state, national and global headlines are updated throughout the day for Local Today users to access at any time for free. Given the current state-of-play this is a valuable offer as most media outlets have begun to charge for content.

The new app is available at the Apple Store and presents the latest news of the day in a clear and user-friendly layout. Local Today Managing Director, Rob Hardy said that the idea behind creating the app was to provide mobility for Local Today users.

“We are in a digital era. People are on their iPhones throughout the day to access social media and find out the latest news, which is why it made sense to create the Local Today app. The app is simple and presents all the latest news in an easy to read format,” Hardy said.

The Local Today website also provides members with the ability to post news and events from their local area. This is then communicated on Local Today’s Facebook and Twitter to maximise exposure.

No paywalls, just aggregated news. Will the future of the media actually be what we’re used to having?