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eWAY founder Matt Bullock on plans to ‘smash’ U.K. market, and foray into China, India [PODCAST]


Matt Bullock started eWAY, a payments processing company, soon after graduating from the University of Wollongong with a computer science degree in 1998. In over a decade, eWAY has become a major player in Australia and New Zealand. It partners with leading banks and thousands of merchants, enabling online users to buy and sell with ease and security.

In an interview with Anthill’s Cynthia Karena, Bullock talks about how his resolve never to accept no for an answer landed him his first big client – St. George Bank. Entrepreneurship also means creating a win-win situation and scaling from small to medium, and probably to large, because of the huge potential that still exists, he adds.

Bullock also announces his resolve to “smash” his way into the U.K., and exploring Asian countries including India and China.

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