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This global not-for-profit is elevating women founded tech start-ups to the next level


Founded in New York and now in Sydney, ELEVACAO Foundation a global not-for-profit empowering women tech entrepreneurs, has partnered with Tech Pilot Fund for ELEVACAO’s Women Tech Founders Pitch Event, October 18, 2016 at Pivotal Labs in Sydney.

“3% of tech companies are founded by women, yet when funded they deliver 35% higher ROI than male-led firms,” says Marisa Warren the CEO & Founder of ELEVACAO.

ELEVACAO exists to help more women start and grow tech businesses no matter what their age or background, providing them with the confidence and skills to pitch for investor funding. Their goal is to find and empower the next female-founded Atlassian.

What exactly does ELEVACAO do?

The programs are designed to empower and promote first time women tech entrepreneurs in the early stage of their business growth. They include:

Pitch Ready Workshops

ELEVACAO’s team of experts empowers women tech founders to get pitch ready, helping them build and deliver a superior pitch that conveys their story and creates an emotional connection with the audience, backed by a robust business model and go-tomarket strategy.

Women Tech Founders Pitch Events

In front of a live audience, the women pitch to a superior panel of seasoned entrepreneurs, VC’s and angels – seeking advice, guidance or funding, to help elevate their business to the next level.

Tech Ready Workshops

ELEVACAO’s workshop is designed to help women tech founders who don’t have a tech background get tech ready. You do not need to learn to code to start a tech business, but you do need to understand the fundamentals of how to build an app and communicate in ‘tech speak’ with your development team.

How is ELEVACAO doing so far?

“We are delivering real results for our entrepreneurs,” says Marisa, with Chloe Blattmann of RagTagd closing on her initial round of $400k in September. Chloe was one of the first entrepreneurs to gain assistance from ELEVACAO Sydney.

“In 2016, we opened the Sydney chapter of the not-for-profit,” says Marisa, whose foundation has now coached and mentored 20 Sydney-based and nine New York-based women through to the final stage of pitching their ideas to investors.

David Oakley the ANZ Managing Director of ServiceNow was a panelist at the Sydney launch who said, “I was really impressed with the quality of the ELEVACAO Sydney launch and pitch event. Great format and excellent pitches. It’s inspiring to see these Aussie women taking on the world!”

“It seems counter intuitive that women are so under-represented in tech, since we know that women can drive disruption and grow businesses in such an inclusive and complementary fashion. This is why we’ve partnered up with ELEVACAO. By supporting female entrepreneurs in a largely male dominated space, Australia can lead the way to becoming a nation that looks to the future and leads innovation in all industries,” says Simon Anquetil the Executive Chairman of Tech Pilot Fund.

Tech Pilot Fund is an active technology business seed fund that also provides business consultant services to the top end of town.