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EdTech startup Ed App raises $4m from workplace solutions provider SafetyCulture


Ed App, the leading mobile-first technology company that facilitates more than 35,000 micro lessons daily, has today announced it has raised $4 million from workplace solutions tech company, SafetyCulture.

Ed App is best known for its on-demand microlearning platform which offers companies across all industries a more effective way to onboard, motivate, and train employees.

CEO and founder, Darren Winterford said technology has changed the way people consume content and that traditional methods of training and onboarding employees were no longer effective.

“Given 80% of smartphones never leave a person’s side, companies are discovering that mobile-first learning is now the most effective way to engage employees,” he said.

What has Ed App been up to lately?

Over the last 12 months, the platform has grown exponentially, and now facilitates more than 35,000 lessons daily for leading global companies like Mercedes Benz, Mars, Eli Lilly, Honda, Shell, Pandora and Castrol.

Business growth has been driven by the millennial workforce, which is currently the largest market segment (35% of employees in the US), increased smartphone penetration, and an improved understanding of what effective workplace training looks like.

CEO Darren Winterford said the $4 million funding will be used to continue Ed App’s expansion overseas, ramp up expansion in Australia, further build out its product offering and grow its learning design and app development team.

“With 80% of our clients based outside of Australia, SafetyCulture’s investment will help us accelerate our plans to grow our customer base locally and continue to expand in the US and Europe,” he added.

Luke Anear, founder at SafetyCulture and recently appointed board member of Ed App, said he was impressed by Ed App’s existing client base and how the platform offered wide scale on-demand training.

“When I was introduced to Ed App I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. It’s an exciting SaaS business tackling an underserviced part of the market. Finding an effective learning management system is crucial for any business and the fact that Ed App have gone one step further and coupled this with an on-demand mobile-first learning solution is game-changing. We are excited to be part of their journey,” added Anear.

Ed App’s microlearning platform allows customers to combine a mix of fully interactive and engaging templates, video learning and gamification to reinforce key concepts and message retention. Its ease of deployment makes it perfect for rolling out across large organisations.

Over the next two years, Ed App aims to triple its users on the platform and become the global standard for mobile based microlearning in the workplace and across all industries.