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Droid, iPhone4, Microsoft Phone 7: Which can take the heat?


We’re sure you’ve heard that the software gods in Redmond, USA, have finally discovered that there’s a rather active smart-phone market out there. Earlier this month, Microsoft launched the Windows Series 7 phone.

Yeah, not the catchiest name, but consider the source.

The Windows phone has actually been receiving some good press and some favorable comparisons to its biggest competitors, the iPhone and the Android models. It’s been said that the big, live-action squares on the main screen are ground-breaking, and that the integration of contact and social media is stunning.

And for those who think Microsoft has allowed Apple and Google too big a head start, we offer one word: Netscape. (Remember, these guys are relentless.)

Anyway, there are already countless videos on the Interwebs that present side-by-side comparisons of these phones. You know — which has the fastest browser, the brightest screen, the quickest boot-up.

This is not one of those videos.

All we can say to the person who put this video together is, “Dude, we wish we had that kind of money to burn.”

Droid, iPhone4, WinPhone7: Which grills faster?