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Australian tech team helps companies worldwide switch to digital during COVID-19


As we have seen with the snap Perth lock down and the panic buying thereafter, it doesn’t take much for there to be a run on the supermarkets and businesses to be faced with the question of how they train vast numbers of staff and keep them safe and connected, with staff working from home and the office or workplace.

Liberate learning developed software that helped businesses like Coles and NAB keep over 150,000 staff up and down the country safe while working from home or at the workplace.

“We wanted to help organisations switch to digital platforms to ultimately help save lives and keep people safe,” said Rodney Beach, Group Managing Director of Liberate Learning.

We offered it free to Australian organisations, but had people from other countries wanting access, so we made the decision to make it free world-wide during the pandemic.

We didn’t think the pandemic would be so long lasting and honored it being free for just over a year.

App-eLearn was named ‘The Most Valuable Product in the World’ at the 2020 global Stevie award. It’s something we believe helped keep people safe across the country and some parts of the world.

The tool was used by the department of health in their Covid training. Coles also uses it for their training, including Covid related safety training among other programs.

The tool is also accessible for people with disabilities using assistive technology, enabling ability to create mobile responsive digital training without a technical minded person.

Expert Epidemiologist Professor Catherine Bennett says that as some businesses return to the office, it is critical that they have a considered return to work strategy and make sure staff are trained on Covid-19 safe practices within the workplace. 

Compared to other countries, Australian companies have done a great job in managing the impacts of the pandemic to date. These resources are vital to ensure the ongoing safety of all Australians as they safely return to work.

Retraining office workers to establish home-office routines, remaining productive and knowing how to stay socially connected with other remote workers. 

The employers, big and small are being facilitated to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 related workplace outbreaks and ensure people don’t revert to previous habits and return to work in a COVID safe way according to Professor Catherine Bennett.

Sally Sinclair, the CEO of the National Employment Services Association, the peak body for the Australian employment and related services sector predicts that employers may find it harder to recruit than they think in the coming months, and learning applications like these may help. 

“There is going to be a significant gap between the vaccine roll out and the end of discretionary government spending like JobKeeper,” says Sally Sinclair. 

This may well mean that instead of having a glut of applicants when the subsidies end, some employers actually struggle to find workers even when the government initiatives run out because they are afraid to go back to the office before the vaccine is widespread.

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