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Does this make the ‘Cools’ the biggest award in business?


At this year’s Cool Company Awards, category winners were presented with a trophy that could be described as Australia’s biggest award in business — a 1.2 metre, individually branded bean-bag.

Produced by Ambient Lounge, a winner in Anthill’s SMART 100 earlier this year, the nine bean-bags, each branded with the award’s logo and the category winner’s name and accolade, were described by Anthill Editor-In-Chief, who performed the role of MC (“Master of Cool”) at the awards, as “perfect for the office, reception, pool room… or boudoir.”

Organising delivery and storage of the trophies was a challenging process for the team at Anthill. “We completely unanticipated how hard it would be to transport the bean-bags and find a place to discreetly store them at Anthill HQ, away from prying eyes,” said Tuckerman. “Getting them into the elevator was a challenge in itself.” (image right).

“We’ve always said that the ‘Cools’ are our biggest awards for the year. This year, that was true in more than one sense.”

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