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Does Schrödinger’s Cat apply to business? Think about it for too long and you may get a headache [VIDEO]


Schrödinger’s Cat is a very famous thought experiment based on quantum physics. This two-minute video will give a quick overview of the theory behind it.

My thought is, can the thinking behind this experiment apply to business?

Kind of.

Is your business a success or failure? In theory, at any given time, it can be either.
But, it won’t be one or other unless you look at it closely, until you ‘open the box and look at it’, so to speak.

Then, rather than the cat’s perspective, what if you look at it from the customer’s perspective?

Does the customer see it as a success or failure?

Or, does what they perceive influence whether you see it as a success or failure?

In the world of quantum physics, the question remains: When does something stop being possible and become either one thing or another?

So, when does your business stop being either a success or failure and become one or the other?

In the world of business though, one thing is known for sure – just looking at business isn’t going to change its end state. Unlike finding a dead cat, in business, you can change the end state if you do something quick enough.

The biggest take away is, don’t let your business live in a box.

Take it regularly to see if it is still alive!

Schrödinger’s Cat – Minutephysics


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