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Disruption: not just for Klingons anymore


Disruption is no longer left solely to the Klingons, whose favourite phase weapon is even called a disruptor.

Disruption, as we know, is the way to carve out a new niche for your business. Innovation through created need – ah, it’s a beautiful thing!

But, many businesses miss opportunities for innovation and disruption when left to their own devices. Change is inevitable, and disruption is all part of doing business these days. Understanding this ebb and flow and how to use disruption and learning to out-innovate challenges to your company’s stronghold are keys to surviving in the digital marketplace.

Now, a new partnership between PwC’s Digital Change crew and custom software house, ThoughtWorks, is helping businesses understand and harness the power of innovation to respond to industry disruption with ease.

The alliance enables PwC and ThoughtWorks Australia to come together, as needed to the benefit of its clients through the sharing of information and digital expertise. The strategic partnership reinforces both companies’ commitment to helping businesses not just evolve within the digital economy, but to successfully harness the power of technology and deal with industry disruption head on.

PwC’s National Digital Change Leader, John Riccio says, “The impact and disruption of digital is everywhere we look. It’s unsustainable for individual businesses to do everything themselves to keep pace.”

“This alliance means that we can come together on opportunities where it will be valuable to our clients and with the intention of providing a fast, integrated service. Starting with a design phase based on contextual market, industry and economic knowledge and ending with agile delivery, continuous development and implementation – we are working towards making digital change stick.”

The partnership is truly well-paired, too. ThoughtWorks is a company that specializes in developing software quickly and predictably. The company is making driven to make great software, and to help its customers understand how to use it.

Partner PwC’s Digital Change services are all about helping businesses create value from the digital economy. PwC understands the need for pragmatism in digital business and the company passes that know-how to its customers.

“We share the same values of wanting to deliver the best outcomes for our clients, and the same vision for the future, which is to understand the social and commercial impacts of digital and tackle them head on,” continues Riccio.

ThoughtWorks Australia’s Director of Client Relations, Keith Dodds says, “PwC’s operational strategy and financial understanding of client requirements, coupled with our unparalleled strength in software development, presents a powerful value proposition.”

“No business is an island, complete digital solutions require an ecosystem with many talents and we believe this alliance puts us in a stronger position to help our mutual clients be more innovative and competitive.”

“Both PwC and ourselves are committed to our clients’ success, continual improvement, expanding our global operations and most importantly our dedication to our people. We only hire the finest in the industry,” says Dodds.

So it sounds like digital space is getting a lot like outer space. This time, though, it’s not just the Klingons creating the disruptions. Arm photon torpedoes!

For more info on what this partnership can mean for your business, check here.