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Developers Wanted: NSW Government opens $6 million funding program


The NSW Government is encouraging technology developers  to register for a briefing on its $6 million ‘Collaborative Solutions’ program. The briefing, to take place on 2 February, will introduce the first initiative of the Program, which will focus on developing new mobile and wireless solutions for the State’s tourism and retail sectors.

The Collaborative Solutions Program is part of the NSW Government’s Digital Economy Strategy, providing $2 million a year over three years to bring together business consortia to develop new ICT-enabled innovations across a number of sectors of the State’s economy.

Called Mobile Concierge, the first initiative will focus on the development of mobile and wireless solutions for the tourism and retail industries. Government grants to be discussed at the briefing will cover “a maximum of 35 per cent of total project costs up to $250,000, with higher amounts considered for exceptional proposals”.

According to a statement by the NSW Government, “Funding will be offered competitively to business consortiums that can deliver new innovations by bringing together mobile application developers, technology and service providers, device manufacturers, research organisations, and end user organisations.”

Interested parties are urged to register for the 2 February industry briefing before 28 January. Funding applications for Mobile Concierge will close 25 March with successful grants to be announced in early April.

Further details are available at www.business.nsw.gov.au/collaborativesolutions.

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