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DesignCrowd serves up Macbook stickers that are useful


There are thousands of MacBook cover stickers out there, great ones in fact. But one thing they all fail to do is actually be useful. You know, clever stickers, like Homer Simpson taking a bite out of the iconic Apple logo, Michael Jordan ringing a slam dunk with it, and Snoopy roasting it like a marshmallow – that sort of thing. So cute. So quaint.

So useless!

Sound the trumpets: it’s a sticker innovation!

Not so, for the clever creations at DesignCrowd, a virtual design studio that connects businesses with over 400,000 designers worldwide, wanted to create some useful stickers for MacBook users. 

Now that Apple has officially endorsed creative stickers being used on MacBooks, you can actually make your MacBook lid useful.

DesignCrowd has launched a contest for useful decals. A sampling of the designs being offered include periodic tables, clever interactive decals, and at least one glow-in-the-dark ruler.

Check out all the useful designs over at DesignCrowd’s dedicated MacBook stickers page.