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DesignCrowd hits the $10 million mark. Yep, crowdsourcing is here to stay


Hey, do you remember when we told you to stand out of the crowd with crowdsourcing?

Well, it seems our words did not fall on deaf ears. Crowdsourcing is making major strides in Australia!

Australian crowdsourcing service DesignCrowd recently hit the $10 million mark in crowdsourced design projects through its site and has more than doubled its business in the last six months.

Since raising $3 million from Starfish Ventures in November 2011, it has spread its wings internationally, launching in seven countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, and more recently India, Singapore and the Philippines.

Alec Lynch, founder and CEO of DesignCrowd noted, “In our first year, DesignCrowd was run out of the garage and we made $20,000 of sales. We now do that in a few hours, and soon we’ll be doing more than $1 million of projects a month.”

“Crowdsourcing is disrupting global traditional design industry. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this wave of innovation,” Lynch said.

What are the driving factors behind DesignCrowd’s recent growth?

  • Growth in global demand

DesignCrowd has seen a 120 per cent increase in requests for crowdsourced design projects in the last 6 months including 133 per cent growth in the UK, 100 per cent growth in India, 97 per cent growth in the US, 90 per cent growth in Canada and 75 per cent growth in Singapore.

  • Demand for logo, web and graphic design crowdsourcing

DesignCrowd has also seen strong growth in its core services in the last 6 months including 113 per cent growth in logo design, 89 per cent growth in web design, 116 per cent growth in graphic design, 317 per cent growth in business card design and 121 per cent growth in t-shirt design.

  • Demand for Facebook, App and other design crowdsourcing

New services including Facebook design, App design, PowerPoint design and book cover design have also seen significant growth in demand at DesignCrowd.

  • Strong growth in its designer base

50,000 designers have joined DesignCrowd in the last 12 months. There are now 130,000 designers in 160 countries and over 2 million designs uploaded on the site.

However, the increased demand for crowdsourcing from big brands including projects from Microsoft, HTC, Amnesty International, and ABSOLUT has also had quite a role to play.