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These two guys have developed a pram that grows with your baby… it comes in your team’s colours too.


A few years ago, while helping his parents with their wholesale flooring textiles company, Rosh Ghadamian was asked by a client for some help distributing baby products, to which he agreed.

Soon, he discovered a gap in the market.

Rosh noticed that whereas a number of furniture retailers were offering customised options for their sofas as well as other big ticket items, there was nobody doing the same with prams.

“All of the options were standard designs, in simple colours, with very little potential for customisation and they were charging ridiculously high prices. So I decided to take things into my own hands,” Rosh recollects.

Together with his co-founder Tahir Baig, the two began developing their own range of highly customisable prams that would be affordable yet high quality, and sold entirely online.

“We understood that purchasing a pram is a huge decision and we thought, why not let the pram grow and change as your family does?” Rosh revealed to Anthill.

Rozibaby: a start-up built on customer feedback

Confident that they had packed everything a parent could possibly want in a pram, these two single guys launched Rozibaby in mid 2012.

They soon realised they hadn’t nailed the bull’s eye.

You see, their first generation pram had a handle of a fixed height. They received a lot of feedback about this design from retailers and customers (mothers and fathers alike) who said they would really prefer a pram with an adjustable height handle.

Rosh and Tahir listened keenly and tweaked it accordingly. The second generation pram was available within nine months with an eight position height adjustable handle.

Now, Rozibaby prams even come accessorised with a parent pack and snack tray.

“We are not parents ourselves yet, but we are lucky that we have customers who are and can speak out and tell us exactly what they want,” Rosh says.

Move over Pimp My Ride, here comes Pimp My Pram

Rozibaby’s online pram builder enables parents to personalise the style (including colour of fabric) and function of their pram, to suit their unique needs and lifestyle and keep up any switch-ups in their taste as well as the changing needs of their child, or even children.

Rozibaby prams basically work much like LEGO does; different components and accessories quickly lock into place, allowing parents to change their pram as often as they wish.

Rosh says you can even design your pram to match your footy team’s colours!

Their prams have been featured on Channel Nine’s House Husbands and Channel Seven’s Winners and Losers but according to Rosh, emails from satisfied parents and pictures of their happy customers with their prams on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are still their greatest achievement.