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Should we get our packages delivered at night? These two shopaholics say, hell yeah!


Hassle-free package delivery service zipmate launches in Sydney today. Using zipmate online shoppers can now schedule all of their packages to be delivered on-demand at nighttime. Avid shopaholics Naby Mariyam and Hyacinthe Hamon founded zipmate after getting tired of missing deliveries by the substandard logistics services in Sydney.

Zipmate has created a very simple process for customers to receive their packages at night to avoid any more visits to the post office or having to look at another “sorry, we missed you” note from delivery companies.

At checkout on e-commerce stores customers are able to select zipmate to deliver their packages and have it scheduled to be delivered at a time that is convenient for customers between 6:00 pm and midnight, seven nights a week.

The service is available all across Sydney  Zipmate is here to feed the shopping addiction, one delivery at a time. It works with small business and enterprises in both e-commerce and business sector in helping to get their packages delivered on demand. “No more high vis-jackets and no more missed deliveries”

Who are the people behind zipmate?

Naby Mariyam is a lecturer in the area of business/hospitality and tourism and moved to Australia 10 years ago. She worked in the Maldives and Australia in multiple areas of leisure and tourism and also founded Flavours of Maldives, a social enterprise out to promote and sustain the food culture of the Maldives.

Hyacinthe Hamon has a background in Hospitality Management and Computer Science. He has been travelling in Europe and South East Asia and working with large hotel chains in Dubai, Japan, France, China, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Australia.

Hyacinthe Hamon and Naby Mariyam
Hyacinthe Hamon and Naby Mariyam

The two met at uni a few years ago while Naby was working on Flavours of Maldives and found a common interest in solving problems using technology.

“We started off with working on an app to help parents get uniforms delivered to their doorstep,” Naby told Anthill. “We then parked that project to start working on zipmate after getting sick and tired of the post office services and realising there is a huge gap in the market place and the need for on demand delivery.”

“So we started the conversation with many online retailers to find out their pain point. Since we launched we have made some critical changes very quickly after listening to the customer base.

“For now we work with SMEs in e-commerce and other businesses enterprises to use our delivery service platform and the fleet of drivers that we manage and customise depending on the requirements of the clients that we work with. We do door to door delivery with tracking, and scheduling between 6:00pm and mid night. Our rates are highly competitive and we are set up to cater to various volume demands.”