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Everyone deserves a second chance. This Sydney start-up is looking to give one to people all around the world.


70 years ago, as a 10-year-old boy, Josh Wermut’s grandfather was forced to endure the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps.

Somehow, some way, he managed to survive, but unfortunately for him, when he was liberated from the horrors of the camps four years later, he had not only lost almost his entire family but had also become a different person both on the inside and the outside.

He had, however, been given a second chance at life.

“My grandfather passed away three months ago at the age of 84 having rebuilt a life in Australia he should never have lived, with a family he should never have had,” Josh shared with Anthill, “He was given a second chance at life, one that many people often don’t get, and he took it and made the most out of it.”

A start-up born of empathy

Josh’s desire to help others around the world get their second chance at life, just like his grandfather, resulted in Daybreak – an Australian eyewear company “with heart”.

“The idea behind Daybreak came from a desire to repay that second chance my grandfather received all those years ago. Millions of people around the world experience suffering and adversity on a daily basis, with no real way to escape their situation,” Josh revealed.

“Daybreak’s aim is to give them that second chance they need to create a better life for themselves and their family. Our first campaign is focused on helping to restore sight and end avoidable blindness across the developing world,” he added.

Why focus on blindness in particular?

Why sight? Josh pointed out that of the 39 million cases of blindness around the world, 80 per cent can be prevented or cured.

That leaves 31 million people living with blindness when they don’t need to be, with the vast majority of those affected living in developing countries.

“By restoring sight to someone it gives them a second chance at life; children are able to return to school to get an education, adults are able to earn a living and take care of their family,” Josh remarked to Anthill.

Daybreak therefore recently launched their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Partnering with the SEVA Foundation, every pair of Daybreak’s sold will help to restore sight to someone in need across Asia, Africa and Central America.

Prior to this, Josh worked as a consultant to companies in the IT, Cleantech and FMCG fields. He holds an MA (International Business and International Relations) and a BSc (Psychology) from the University of New South Wales.