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Don’t wait for politicians. Create the magic yourself.


It seems to me that in small business you have to be a fan of the Liberals. Well I’m not. I hate them all equally. Labour, Liberal, Greens, Democrats (do they still exist), that red haired woman we should have all started ignoring 20 years ago. And so on.

Businesses like to hang their hat with one political party or another for a variety of misguided reasons.

It may well explain why so many businesses go bust in the first three years. They are spending too much time hoping politicians will deliver them a miracle than, you know, working. Is it just coincidence that this time frame is the same as the term of a government?

When your favourite politician fails to deliver — and they will — where does your energy go? Down the toilet? Into another politician? What?

I have friends who have high profile politicians as friends.

They tell me things like “they have good intentions”, “so and so started as an idealist”, “they are real people like you and me”, “so and so is actually quite nice”. Blah blah blah.

I don’t doubt that. I don’t know the person the way they do. What I do doubt is the veracity of their chosen profession.

As far as I can tell though, once anyone puts on their politician hat they have volunteered for a childish game that is fundamentally self-serving and dishonest. There’s no escaping that fact. That is the game of politics. If you don’t play by those rules you won’t make a good politician. It is a bit like calling yourself a prostitute and thinking you can get by in the business without getting screwed.

It doesn’t take much analysis to see that the real movers and shakers on our planet get on with the job without becoming politicians. Look at Peter Garret. He’s been both a mover-and-shaker and a politician. Judge for yourself!

It also doesn’t take much thought to realise that our politicians have no incentive to instigate long-term change for the better. They are only in for three years before they have to start lying to us so they get another go. Then, when they are gone, the next person undoes everything they might have achieved.

If a politician is lucky enough to leave behind a standing policy, law, scheme or whatever, be it good or bad, they are not held accountable for it. They’ve got their retirement package, limo and airfares. We can all get stuffed. It is the new guy’s problem now.

People of the non-political world, let me tell you that we are running the show!

Don’t wait for the political parasites to do something. They’ll just suck what they need and drop off. Has it ever been any different? What incentive is there for them to change?

It is not often I watch Jim Carey movies, let alone twice. But a recent re-viewing of Bruce Almighty rang true to me.

People, we have to be the miracle. Don’t wait for anyone else, especially politicians, to deliver it to you. Miracles aren’t the impossible magic we’ve come to believe they are. They are much more benign than that, and we’re all the better for it.

David Moore has 25 years experience in the computer industry and is now Principle PC Hater at ihatemypc.com.au.

Photo: h.koppdelaney