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Billboards for the ‘Cools’ hit city streets


In case you missed our mobile billboards roaming the busy streets of inner-city Australia to promote our 2009 Cool Company Awards, here’s a pic, courtesy of Anthil Twitter follower @Tian_Yang, who captured and tweeted this image late yesterday.


The design of this poster was the subject of a crowdsourcing experiment run early last month. If you were involved, you might know that the Soup Can theme was the least popular choice (which flies in the face of pure crowdsourcing).

But the other suggestions were simply too hard to read on a passing mobile-billboard. Plus, the Soup Can conveniently gives us a theme for this year’s award ceremony (Pop Art!). I’m sure there’s a crowdsourcing lesson to be taken from this ‘experiment’ but I’ll save that for another day.

Until then, for his quick thinking and generosity promoting the Anthill brand, we’ll be sending Tian award winning business documentary DVD, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (just ’cause we can).