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This innovation lets you make cheap wine taste amazing just by placing it next to water


It sounds too good to be true. Take an average, and potentially cheap bottle of wine and make it taste amazing, simply by placing a canister of structured water next to the glass or bottle.

No decanting, no filtering, no carafe and no fuss.

Sippy Downs resident Bernie Duffy admits he was originally more of a beer drinker, and never got into wine until he joined up with a wine & travel club at around 50 years old.

Today, at age 66, his business revolves around giving wine demonstrations and showing how his innovative My WineLover product, which draws on the healing properties of structured water, can transform the wine drinking experience and selling units across the globe via his ecommerce store.

How exactly does My WineLover work?

The process of improving the wine using the My WineLover product involves simply placing the My WineLover deep blue glass canister containing structured water (H3O2) beside an unopened bottle of wine, or even poured wine glass. The longer it is left next to it the better and yes you can leave it in your wine rack full time, with the optimal time to leave it next to the wine being at least five hours. But even after five minutes, unbelievably, the difference is noticeable straight away.

“The sharp acidic taste is gone and the flavours really come through. The water in the wine will emulate the frequency and energy from My WineLover giving it a softer and pleasant taste and ensures flavours are at their maximum. Once opened your wine will also last up to three times longer before it goes off,” says Duffy.

Duffy says his revolutionary innovation is utilising the discovery of the fourth phase of water – when H2O transforms to H3O2, when water is a transition stage between water and ice, which was discovered by a scientist, Gerald Pollack in Washington, USA.

MY WINELOVER BOXWhat is the story behind My WineLover?

Having developed and started selling energised structured alkaline water in 2008, when he started the business Phperfect with good mate Paul Sutton, and some years later developing with new partner Rob Wyborn the ‘Home Edge’ device, which attaches to the main inlet waterline to the house and converts the water from H2O to H3O2 (structured water), as well as a travel device which purifies water in countries where you can’t drink the tap water, creating the My WineLover canisters filled with H3O2 to improve the taste and experience of wine therefore has been a natural progression for Duffy. The product also comes with a five-year warranty.

“Our home systems and even just drinking our bottled water range have helped a lot of people improve their health,” he says.

“People are often sceptical how placing the My WineLover product next to their wine could really be so effective, until they try it, which is why I’ve been doing wine demonstrations. Usually once they have been to one of them, they’re sold.”