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A fintech start-up is taking on the big banks to give more Australians their dream holiday


With six million – one in every two – Australian workers not taking the annual leave they are entitled to and more than 118 million days of annual leave stockpiled in businesses around the country, Australia’s first travel savings company is here to help people cut up their credit cards for good.

Recently launched, My Four Weeks has emerged with the aim of helping Aussies reclaim much-needed (and deserved) breaks from work and help get their work-life balance back in check.

With the average Australian paying $700 each year in interest alone on their credit cards and owing around $4,300 on each credit card, My Four Weeks promises a simple solution to stop people racking up debt when they travel.

How exactly does My Four Weeks work?

My Four Weeks is like superannuation for holidays. Each pay, employers put away a nominated amount on behalf of the employee and before they know it, members have the money tucked away to pay for flights and accommodation for their next break. This means that when their annual leave rolls around, My Four Weeks members can pay for their dream holiday without having to rely on expensive credit cards.

The concept is simple. People sign up for an account at myfourweeks.com.au, and nominate the amount they wish to save from each pay. Employers then transfer the nominated amount directly to a secure account before people can spend it, so members are saving without it impacting their lifestyle.

Members are kept motivated by setting a goal and destination to begin with and offered incentives along the way like cashback and discounts through partnerships with travel agents and other partners.

“My Four Weeks enables Aussies to get back to taking holidays to destinations they’re desperate to visit. Through a simple saving plan, we’re helping members take control of their finances and escape the hold of the big banks and credit card debt as well as giving them access to benefits that will help them get to their savings goal faster,” said My Four Weeks founder Jamie Hyndman.

What is the story behind My Four Weeks?

My Four Weeks was born out of the desire to help people break the cycle of credit card debt, teaching people that it’s simple and easy to save for the holiday that they want.

Frustrated by the big banks and their focus on getting Australians to endlessly take up expensive credit card debt, Jamie decided a better option for Australians was needed – one that didn’t leave a trail of financial and emotional stress attributed to the endless debt cycle and the inability to take a decent break.

“Australia has a total credit card debt of $32 billion and around 40,000 of us will struggle to pay off credit card debts accrued because of travelling and holidays,” said Jamie.

“Holidays are expensive. But not taking the break you deserve can take a bigger toll on your health and wellbeing. We’re working longer and harder than ever before, so it’s important that we use our annual leave for what it’s meant for – a time to rest, recharge and escape the daily grind,” he added.