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Australian Packaging Awards 2010


The Australian Packaging Awards is an industry sponsored contest that is organised by the Packaging Council of Australia (www.pca.org.au) that invites Australian package designers to showcase their work and compete for top national recognition. This contest allows Australian designers and manufacturers to showcase their talent, people and products both nationally and internationally.

The purpose of the awards is to give recognition to innovation and advancements made in the Australian packaging industry. Achievements in design, intellectual property, and manufacturing technology are highlighted with attention given to factors such as brand recognition, sustainability, functionality and environmental consideration in packaging design.

All members of the packaging industry are invited to submit their products and to be candidates for this award. Candidates do not have to be members of the Packaging Council of Australia (PCA) to eligible; however, the awards presentation dinner is only open to PCA members and the nominees of each award category.

Packaging Awards Benefits

There are nine award categories with award winners receiving gold, silver or bronze level of achievement in their selected category. The gold level award winner will receive a designer trophy for their category, and the gold, silver, and bronze winners will all have write up and photographs of their entry published in the results pamphlet and on the results website. Certificates of participation will be awarded to all nominees after the awards dinner. The award winners in all categories may also use the APA logo in their promotional materials for their company.

Awards Dates & Deadlines 2010

May 21- Last day for Early Bird Entry
June 18- Last day for Standard Entry
July 9 – Closing Date to receive package samples from entrants
Aug 6- Finalists Announced
Oct 7- PCA award presentation dinner

Are you eligible? (Awards Criteria)

In order to be eligible the package submitted must have significant Australian contribution, either in intellectual property, design or manufacture. It must also be commercial production or committed to distribution by July 16, 2010 in order to be eligible.

Entry Fee & Dues (Award Costs)

Early Bird Entry fee (Available before 21 May 2010)
$150 dollars allows for 1 entry to be entered into 3 categories
$370 dollars if one of the categories is in MWV Family of Packages Award

Standard Entry Fee:
$220 dollars allows for 1 entry to be entered into 3 categories
$440 dollars if one of the categories is in MWV Family of Packages Award

Award Categories

Beverage Award:

Recognises packaging for all liquids beverages, factors such as innovative technology, labelling, product protection and surface treatment are factors in determining the winner.

Beverage Award Criteria: Aesthetics, functionality, overall presentation for market segment, visual impact, and success in overseas market if applicable.

Brand Design Award:

Recognises creating brand value through packaging, either enhancing an existing brand with redesigned packaging or a new brand that is differentiated in its market segment.

Brand Design Award Criteria: Brand awareness, sensory elements, intellectual association and emotional point of sale impact and success in overseas market if applicable.

Carter Holt Harvey Sustainability Award:

Recognises package design that has made a significant advance in environmental impact.

Carter Holt Harvey Sustainability Award Criteria: promotes responsible consumer behaviour, lifecycle consideration, efficient use of materials, new and innovative, shelf life impact and functionality and product protection.

Colorpak Innovation Award:

Recognises significant innovation or development in technology that benefits the marketplace.

Colorpak Innovation Award Criteria: functionality and convenience, design innovation with attention to construction and technology, product security and environmental sustainability.

Labelling Award:

Recognises innovation in design and visual quality of the label.

Labelling Award Criteria: mandatory product information, aesthetics, technical innovation, durability, functionality, environmental consideration and success in overseas market if applicable.

MWV Family of Packages Award:

Recognises association within a brand family.

MWV Family of Packages Award Criteria: Brand identity and continuity, consistency of quality, connection of different shapes and sizes and point of sale impact.

NCI Packaging Fresh Food & Table Ready Award:

Recognises the design and innovation of packaging for frozen and ready to eat foods.

NCI Packaging Fresh Food & Table Ready Award Criteria: point of sale impact, functionality, suitability in the market, tamper evidence and sustainability

Viscount Plastics Packaging for Industry Award:

Recognises design and innovation in industrial packaging.

Viscont Plastics Packaging for Industry Award Criteria: design, functionality, suitability for purpose and economic and environmental impact.

PCA Best of Show Award:

Selected from gold winning entries and represents the greatest overall achievement in its category.

How to Enter the Australian Packaging Awards

In order to register an applicant must submit a registration form and claim form to the Manager of Awards (see contact below). The information on the registration page will be used as contact and award information for the applicant. The information on the claim page will be used by the judges to determine the eligibility of the submitted package for each category as well judging it.

Entry and claim forms (More information):

The entry form: http://www.pca.org.au/awards2010/apa/entry-form.php
The claims form: http://www.pca.org.au/awards2010/apa/claims-form.php

Entry Form Mailling Address:

Australian Packaging Awards Manager
Fax: (03) 9690 3514
Email: [email protected]
Mail: c/o Packaging Council of Australia Inc.
Level 3, 15-17 Park Street
South Melbourne, Victoria 3205

Once the registration has been processed the applicant will receive an email with an entry code and instructions on how to send package samples.

Samples needed (Number of samples required):

1 category – 2 samples
2 categories- 2 samples
2 categories – 4 samples

The extra allows for a non-tampered sample to be used for photography and presentation after the judging process. If the package is bulky or unusually large only 1 sample needs to be sent.

Packaging Awards Contact Information:

Telephone: (03) 9690 1955
Fax: (03) 9690 3514
Email: [email protected]

The Australian Packaging Awards Manager
Packaging Council of Australia Inc.
Level 3, 15-17 Park Street
South Melbourne, Victoria 3205

Website: www.pca.org.au