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This Australian start-up that lets you do yoga in the sky has flown straight into China


Across all industries, multinational corporations are leaving no stone unturned in their attempts at partnering up with Chinese companies in order to reach the largest national market (by population) on this planet.

And yet, in the midst of all the business news headlines and billion-dollar rumours, it is tech start-up FLYWELL (helmed by the empowered Dodson twin sisters, and based in Sydney) who have managed to sign a five-year licensing deal with Chengdu-based People’s Republic of China – Envee Inflight Entertainment Co Ltd.

A leading ‘Air Wifi’ technology company in this growing international category, Envee has become the top tech partner choice for Air China; they are also the first software development company in China to receive certification from IFE hardware providers (such as Panasonic and Thales).

A first in aviation history has been established by FLYWELL, as celebrity yoga teacher Charlotte Dodson has carefully designed and produced a comprehensive and interactive wellness program (in conjunction with her Business Partner and Manager, Georgina Dodson), which has been created with the goal of educating the everyday traveller about the various means available to stay healthy throughout their journey.

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Charlotte Dodson

This is a great opportunity for FLYWELL

FLYWELL plans to license their wellness program to all airlines (as well as digital platforms) within China and around the globe. Their wellness program content offers a mandarin speaking option, which has been carefully selected for the Chinese domestic market, as statistics indicate that 75 per cent of Chinese travellers in China fly domestically.

FLYWELL’s high-end production was creatively directed by Executive Producer and CEO, Chisholm McTavish of The Content.Company and filmed in Sydney with exquisite location backdrops; the elegant look and gentle feel of the technology’s content will suit travellers of any age, fitness level and background.

According to AIRBUS 3.6 billion people fly every year, and the world fleet forecast estimates an additional 32,000 new aircraft being added to the current figures between the years of 2014 to 2034. Airline passenger traffic is outperforming the world’s Real GDP growth rate by 5.8 per cent (as of May 2015).

It is expected that the propensity to travel via air services will reach 74 per cent of emerging country populations (including China) by the year 2034. It is predicted that domestic airports within the People’s Republic of China will be handling the largest Origin & Destination traffic numbers by 2034, surpassing the USA in this regard.

What exactly does FLYWELL do?

FLYWELL is a specifically tailored inflight wellness program for business professionals and holiday travellers, designed to make airline customers feel comfortable during a flight and refreshed upon arrival.

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FLYWELL incorporates and interconnects relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, guided meditations, gentle yoga sequences into a menu option package, which encourages individual interests and preferences.

The service also provides travel related articles, tips and tools for aftercare, such as overcoming jetlag. There’s an ‘on demand’ comfort button to calm nerves, along with on-screen prompt options for passengers that will enable them to be guided by Charlotte throughout their journey, based on flight duration (for example, it is two hours into your flight time: ‘Charlotte recommends you drink some water so as to refresh your body and stay hydrated’).

Charlotte’s guided wellness program – in combination with her engaging (yet calming and relaxing) tone of voice – will provide passengers with feelings of comfort and ease throughout their journey.