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Aussie startup develops cure to money management stresses


Boomeringo, a Melbourne-based online startup, has released its latest iPhone app, an easy to use money management tool. According to Australian Government figures, one in three Australians find dealing with money to be stressful and overwhelming (source www.financialliteracy.gov.au).

“I came to Australia as a migrant from Sri Lanka, and lived the stereotypical life of a ‘struggling student’. The financial struggles I experienced are the inspiration for what we are building with Boomeringo,” said Shammika Munugoda, Boomeringo’s founder and CEO.

“Awareness and knowledge about where your money is going is the first step to getting control over your finances.”

The Boomeringo app pulls all of a user’s financial data into one easy to read dashboard giving the user clear, easy to understand information about their bank account, credit card and loans.

Users can see which expenses are eating away at their savings. And they can set limits on their spending, which triggers notifications on their phone or via their email, prompting them to better manage their expenses.

Boomeringo is a fully secure platform and features:
● an intuitive dashboard that places all your financial information in one place
● a simple and secure connection to your all your bank accounts
● tags and categories to easily track your transactions
● easy export of tax deductions and other relevant transactions
● payment and bill reminders
● budgeting tools to help you stay on track

Boomeringo is free to use with premium features to be released soon. The web version of the service is available at www.boomeringo.com