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Why I quit my 9-5 to take 10 entrepreneurs on a motorbike adventure


Australian entrepreneur Matyas Fulop has taken “business networking” to the next level with his startup, 9-5 Escape. Merging the wild adventure of a motorbike trek across South East Asia with intensive workshopping of ideas, participants can expect to get out of their comfort zones while really getting to know a small, hand-picked group of ambitious go-getters.

We’ve all had experiences at networking functions where we’ve had a dozen standard conversations with people and gathered a handful of business cards, that have all gone nowhere. 9-5 Escape helps you to really get to know your fellow entrepreneurs, what makes them tick, and both their strengths AND weaknesses in a very short time.

With entrepreneurship becoming trendy and gaining momentum in Australia, it’s timely to come up with a new concept of networking where one can separate the people who can talk the talk, from those who walk the walk.

The inaugural trip is locked in for 4-15 December 2015, with details at 9-5escape.com.

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