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Attention Australian web leaders! 9×9 Web Thinkers want to peek inside your brain…


We’re big fans of the new video project by 9×9 Web Thinkers. Not only does is look the business, it has also recruited some big brains to back it up.

The concept behind 9×9 is deliciously simple. Nine prominent Australian web entrepreneurs are asked what they think of the state of the local industry.

Backed by Microsoft Australia and digital agency Soap Creative, the HTML5-based project picks the brains of developers, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, editors, CEOs and digital agency creative directors.

The first web boffins to take part are BuzzNumbers’ Nick Homes a Court, Cake Development Corporation’s Graham Weldon, Pollenizer’s Mick Liubinskas, Westciv’s John Allsopp, the ABC’s Gaven Morris, LifeHacker AU’s Angus Kidman, Amnesia Razorfish’s Iain Mcdonald, Contagious Magazine’s Jessica Greenwood, and Max Design’s Russ Weakley.

Hard-hitting questions include ‘Where are you going to make your next million (billion)?’, ‘What would you do with one gigabit to the home?’, and ‘If you could only follow three people on Twitter who would they be?’

If there is one fault we have with the concept, it is that the HTML5, while eye-popping and cool, is inherently unsharable. We would have liked to have shared a snippet with you here — a teaser to whet your appetite — but nay.

You’ll need to visit the 9×9 Web Thinkers site for the answers to these insightful questions and more.