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Anthill’s Five Most Influential Posts


Long weekends are great for entrepreneurial contemplation and recharging the batteries. They also play havoc with our production schedules. So, in the spirit of self-reflection (and with only a smattering of new content), we decided instead to take a trip down memory lane and share with you, Anthill’s Five Most Influential Posts.

They were chosen for the way they influenced us (yes, Anthill) and, therefore, the way we report to you. Sure, it’s a slightly narcissistic email but, in a strange way, our chosen five also seem to say a great deal about the changing nature of business in Australia. The five are presented in no particular order.

1. The Hedgehog

Opinion | by Nigel Malone

This simple graph, introduced to Anthill readers by Nigel Malone in January 2010, has since become the three-pronged centre of many internal and often heated discussions among the Anthill crew. It cuts to the foundation of any business. If you can’t fit your business model and its goals into this elegant structure, your business could be in trouble.

2. The retweetable leadership video

Antagonist | by Paul Ryan

Aside from its unorthodox and highly engaging approach to sharing its message, this brief clip by Derek Sivers has also strongly influenced the way we do what we do best… assemble crowds. Yup, we’ve been shirtless guy. But that’s okay because we know that you, dear Anthillians, also know what it feels like to dance semi-naked without any guarantee that ‘blue t-shirt guy’ will back you up.

3. The hard truth about SEO

Straight Talk | by Lucio Ribeiro

If there is one message in this article that every business owner should observe, it is this: Search engine optimisation is all about the web page (and not the web site). This might seem an unusual choice for our Top 5. However, this observation prompted a shift in the way we run our website and this shift played a significant role in our growth online. If you run a website, it’s worth thinking deeply about this distinction.

4. The power of free-conomics

Feature | by James Tuckerman

While this feature, which first appeared in Anthill’s Aug/Sep 2008 print edition, might now seem simplistic and perhaps obvious, the messages it contains still apply to any business touched by the digital landscape (i.e. every business). If you’re wondering how your competitors can continue to undercut you, here’s why. Sometimes the best business model can be to give your products and services away… for free.

5. The Tourist’s Dilemma (solved)

Diary of a Start-Up | by Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin

For every dedicated Anthill reader, there is a ‘tourist’ – an infrequent visitor with a desire to shed one life and start something new. Most tourists are happy to dream, without ever taking action, because the risks are too great, it’s not the right time, starting a business is too expensive etc, etc, etc. Earlier this year, Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin created a business, for under $500, in seven days, proving that most of the excuses touted for eternal delay are just that. Excuses.
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