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50,000 Aussie businesses are now using Oneflare and some are making $100,000 off just one job


Local services marketplace, Oneflare, recently hit a major milestone in its journey as a start-up, signing its 50,000th business to the platform, doubling from 25,000 last year.

This Sydney-based online marketplace helps customers find and hire service professionals, like cleaners, builders, electricians, removalists, plumbers, renovators and more – giving these businesses qualified job requests on the go.

This fast-growing Aussie start-up has now tripled its revenue since this time last year, and has had its customers request over $50 million worth of jobs since its inception in 2011.

According to their data, 72 per cent of businesses registering on Oneflare are from within 75km of the capital city of the state i.e. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.

This trend clearly indicates that businesses are looking to gain the upper hand in more occupied areas where there is greater competition.

Who is using Oneflare the most?

The top ten categories of businesses registering on Oneflare are:

  1. Builder
  2. Handyman
  3. Electrician
  4. Plumber
  5. Cleaner
  6. Painter
  7. Bathroom Renovations
  8. Gas fitter
  9. Home Renovation
  10. Carpenter

Commenting on the rapidly rising number of builders in particular signing up, Marcus Lim, co-founder and CEO of Oneflare revealed, “We have seen builders earn above $100,000 for just one job on Oneflare, so it could be what’s enticing this category of service providers.”

How exactly is Oneflare helping businesses?

Gavin Webster from Eco-Friendly Builders, a business using Oneflare, says that the marketplace fits in with a builder’s schedule. “I signed up with Oneflare over two years ago because at the time I was finding it hard to get enough work. I had spare time between other jobs that I wanted to fill, and Oneflare helped me do that.”

“It’s good to be able to see job descriptions from clients on Oneflare, it helped estimate how long the job would take and if I could fit it in my schedule,” he explained.

David Martin, owner of Advance Renovations and Repairs based in Rozelle, Sydney, another business using Oneflare, told Anthill that Oneflare has helped solved their advertising problem of reaching new clients at a reasonable cost.

“We like using Oneflare because they find the customers for us and all we have to do is make contact and quote the work,” he shared.​ “Being that we are introduced through Oneflare, the customer already has a degree of trust in our company and can see by our profile that we meet all their licensing and insurance requirements.” ​

“The additional advantage is that our satisfied clients can post to our page on Oneflare.”​