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These are the 5 primary steps to follow in whiteboard video production [SPONSORED]


Whatever may be your personal opinion about whiteboard videos, one thing is for sure. And that is the fact that there is truly something hypnotic and fixing about whiteboard videos, especially a well-made one. Also, what a lot of people don’t realise is that whiteboard videos have the added advantage of being able to explain difficult concepts in a simple way by employing a clean style with three key elements such as a continuous black drawing, the drawing hand and white background.

This is precisely what gives a whiteboard video its unique identity that sets is apart from most other types of educational videos that services employ from time to time. No excessive graphics or fancy bright colours to worry about, just a plain and simple template that is digestible for everyone out there. If this sounds too good to be true, that is because it is. Plus, factors like online whiteboard collaboration are added benefits to everyone across the board. Extremely engaging right from the very start and one can have a plethora of situations and characters that are drawn in the very moment.

On that note, let us dive straight into the five main steps of whiteboard video production:-

1. Preparing a script

During this process, three key questions need to be asked. They are:

  • The problem that your audience needs to solve
  • How and which product can solve that problem
  • Why exactly should they choose your product in particular?

Now these answers will ultimately be the backbone to any video explainer script in general. Once your message has taken proper shape, things will be a lot smoother.

2. Creating the storyboard

Describing every single action of your video as well as all its visual aspects in a go is certainly no cakewalk and will require a great deal of preparation. Why else is this so important? Because here, you will certainly need to ensure that every single frame is connected. Plus, every frame needs to include the drawing hand as well. Too many transitions on a whiteboard video would ruin it.

3. The illustration of your ideas

This is linked to the very idea that every frame needs to be connected well. As a result of that alone, your drawings will have to be carefully placed and made with perfect proportions. There can’t be any kind of compromise on this front.

4. Bringing your illustrations to life

This implies adding the necessary animation factors to make your ideas look as lively as possible. Contrary to popular belief, even character animation can be added if it’s done well, plus it will certainly add an extra layer of personality and quality to your video. Going about the entire process in a systematic manner is the key.

5. The aspect of music and voice overs

This is the last step in video production: adding music, voiceovers and sound effects. But most importantly, you shouldn’t wait to finish the other steps to start working on this. By recording the voiceover as soon as the script is finished, you will automatically set the actual timing for the video. Here, an unfamiliar and dull voice will ruin all of your hard-work in a jiffy, so be very careful about who you select.


When it comes down to the construction of an effective and educational marketing tool, a professional whiteboard video is hard to beat. Plus, it helps to make the learning aspect both fun and cool, as well as engaging enough not to forget about it the moment the video ends.

If you are still wondering how these type of videos are so effective, studies have shown that by watching them, many viewers are literally transported back in time to a world of middle school and classrooms. This in itself, makes a whiteboard video the ideal medium for any kind of education content in general.

Also, It has been proven time and again that people tend to learn better when there is an entertaining factor paired with the education. In this regard, any complex concept can be successfully broken down and taught easily.