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10 incredibly awesome documents to help you start a company


You might have already contributed to our ongoing Magazine 2.0 experiment, where we are inviting readers to nominate insightful tips for starting a business (the best will be published in each issue of Anthill).

To complement these “168 start-up tips”, this week we are featuring a terrifically useful blog post by Jason Nazar containing links to “10 Incredibly Awesome Documents to Help You Start a Company“.

Nazar is co-founder and CEO of Docstoc.com, a popular online community for professional document sharing, so he’s better placed than most to nominate the best template documents for start-ups.

Looking for a Non Disclosure Agreement, Financial Model Projections for an Internet Company, a Sample Convertible Note, a Start Up Pitch Presentation? Or perhaps you’re curious about 10 Questions to Consider When Start a New Business, just to make sure you have everything covered.

Keep in mind that these templates were created for an America audience, so some elements might be peculiar to American law. Just on that, if you’re about to bet the bank, you should probably consult a solicitor and bed down the fine print. But these are a great starting point.

Do you know of any other great template documents for start-ups? Perhaps ones unique to Australia? Let us know about them below in the comments.