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It’s really smart how this online retail start-up is shipping a ton of jocks a month


Australian online retailer of men’s underwear DailyJocks.com has shipped more than one ton of underwear in the month of April, with more than 80 per cent of it being exported.

DailyJocks.com started life back in 2009 as a men’s underwear blog written by founder Nicholas Egonidis but has rapidly grown to now raking in more than AUD$2.5 million in revenue last year from retailing high end men’s underwear, swimwear and sportswear.

Nicholas was inspired to start DailyJocks.com in 2009 when he found that imported men’s underwear brands in Australia were really expensive.

So, he set out to find where the cheapest stockists were and who had the latest styles and even started a Facebook page to keep the fellas up to date on jocks on a daily basis.

Daily jocks. Ha! Get it now?

He wasn’t the only one tired of pricey underwear

Now, what happened next, Nicholas didn’t see coming.

The Facebook page went viral with over 100,000 people following it within the first few months. This is when he knew he was sitting on a good idea.

However, in a moment of psychic brilliance, he felt it was important to build up his own email database because the way Facebook was operating at the time “seemed almost too good to be true and to continue.”

“It was the best decision I made and a very good call,” he told Anthill.

Nicholas went on to develop the DailyJocks.com website as a platform for brands to connect with a passionate community of underwear enthusiasts.

Of course, the brands and stores immediately fell over themselves emailing him to be featured on the Facebook page and the website. He worked with about 45 of them.

DailyJocks.com founder Nicholas Egonidis
DailyJocks.com founder Nicholas Egonidis

A smart way to make buying underwear so exciting

However, three years ago, looking for a new way to monetize his exponentially growing database, Nicholas decided based on the community feedback that DailyJocks.com would become an online retailer and launch with a unique concept.

He came up with the idea of shipping designer underwear every month, anywhere in the world, with free global shipping. One, two or three pairs of jocks delivered to your door every month based on your subscription preferences.

The Monthly Underwear Club, he called it. Buying briefs never sounded so cool…

It is convenient, has great value (they ship out underwear often valued at $40) and members get to enjoy the mystery of receiving and opening a new package every month.

The people loved it! Two-thousand signed up in the first month. This is when Nicholas knew that the good idea he was sitting on made lots of business sense.

Who let the jocks out!

DailyJocks.com has since grown from shipping a few hundred packages per month from his dining room to thousands of packages every week to customers in 25 countries.

This independent store now retails many of the world’s top men’s underwear brands and even often receives new releases before other stores.

The US is the store’s largest export market followed by the UK, Germany, NZ and Canada but Nicholas says the market potential is still huge and is looking forward to aggressively marketing into new and emerging markets in the coming months.

DailyJocks.com has built a community of nearly 700,000 Facebook followers and a global database of more than 250,000 subscribers that they interact with regularly. Nicholas attributes much of his success to listening the feedback from these customers of his.

“Don’t be arrogant about your concept and be open to listening and taking action to the feedback your customers are giving you,” he advises. “Any business that ignores the consensus (or fails to even ask for feedback) does so at their peril.”