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Daughter water: It’s the latest breakthrough in gender pay equality [VIDEO]


I’ve heard much anecdotal evidence from male colleagues who had said that, since becoming a father to a daughter, their view on gender pay inequity has changed.

Sometimes, all it takes to see what is not right about a situation, is a dose of perspective. But, if you want to read some academic research that supports the change male CEOs undergo when they have daughters, read this.

And, that is precisely what the Daughter Water campaign sets out do to – give some perspective.

It’s a clever bit of video marketing, making a salient point and using weird, old wives tales in the process.

The video is the world of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. As a part of the campaign, 3,000 CEOs across the country were delivered their own bottle of Daughter Water.

It’s a great campaign. And, if you’re a business owner, even if you didn’t get your own personal delivery of Daughter Water, do the right thing. Equal pay is in your hands.

Introducing Daughter Water


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