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Advax(TM) (SMART 100)


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This innovation initially came to life when…

Dr. Peter Cooper and Dr. Nikolai Petrovsky met at a social function in Canberra and realised that they shared a common interest in research into improved vaccines. From this initial research collaboration, Advax, a novel plant-sugar-based ingredient that enhances vaccine action, was born. Advax is now a leading ingredient in vaccines being developed in Australia, the US and Japan against pandemic influenza, HIV, malaria and a range of other infectious diseases.


The purpose of this innovation is to…

Advax™ is a paradigm changer being the first product to increase vaccine potency while minimizing vaccine side effects. Advax™ has enabled breakthroughs in vaccines against pandemic influenza, hepatitis, SARS, Japanese encephalitis, shigella, malaria and Ebola, amongst many others.

It does this by…

Advax™ enhances the ability of the human immune system to recognise and respond to a vaccine, thereby resulting in stronger and longer-lasting protection against the relevant infection.


This innovation improves on what came before because…

For the last 90 years, a critical ingredient at the heart of most vaccines has been an aluminium compound known as alum. Advax™ is a natural plant-based successor to alum that is not only a better immune enhancer than alum but is also safer and better tolerated.

Its various benefits to the customer/end-user include…

Consumers around the world stand to benefit from safer, more effective and better tolerated vaccines through use of Advax™ to replace outdated aluminium vaccine adjuvants.


In the past, this problem was solved by…

For the last 90 years, most vaccines have contained aluminium salts as a necessary ingredient to make them effective. Advax™ provides one of the first opportunities to replace outdated aluminium vaccine adjuvants with an alternative made from a natural plant sugar.

It’s predecessors/competitors include…

Since the 1920s, aluminium salts have exclusively been used in vaccine manufacture. Advax™ represents one of the first major breakthroughs in vaccine adjuvants in almost a hundred years.


It is made for…

Several billion doses of vaccine containing aluminium adjuvant are sold each year. Our aim is to ultimately see Advax™ as a safer and more effective ingredient replace aluminium in every one of these billions of vaccine doses used each year.


It is available for sale through…

Advax™ as a key vaccine ingredient is provided by Vaxine to global vaccine manufacturers to incorporate into their vaccines in place of aluminium adjuvants.

Our marketing strategy is to…

Vaxine has signed an $8.5 million vaccine development contract with the US Department of Health and has licensed its Advax™ technology to one of Japan’s largest vaccine manufacturers for use in production of their next generation pandemic influenza vaccine. Vaxine is also currently in licensing negotiations with a range of other human and veterinary vaccine manufacturers.



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