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Why consumers are leading the mobile revolution


Almost 80% of Australian businesses don’t have mobile-friendly websites. So, even if they do advertise on phones, their customers won’t have an optimised website experience.

The numbers don’t lie: Australia’s mobile market is growing at a rapid pace. Already 20% of internet searches are from mobile devices. All of which makes it even more puzzling why the vast majority of advertisers have missed the mobile boat.

Instead, it’s consumers who are leading the mobile revolution, which means advertisers should follow suit.

Consider some of the findings from a recent study by Ipsos Research: 49% of the people surveyed use their smartphone to research and then call businesses, while 45% have visited a business they found using their smartphone.

One in four had made a purchase using their mobile phone, while one in five had searched for a house or apartment.

Retailers closing the door on customers

In retail the numbers are even higher. Twenty-five per cent of shopping-related queries come via mobile. That means not having a mobile website is like closing the door on every fourth customer to walk into your shop.

The good news for both advertisers and publishers is, with smartphone growth only set to continue, it’s not too late to be early. There’s never been a better time for all levels of advertisers to interact with consumers. In fact, mobile advertising’s no longer merely an opportunity, it’s a requirement.

Getting started is easy

A mobile strategy should start with the basics. The first step is to create and design a mobile website. Focus on what matters to your customers and think carefully about your content. A mobile website should be fast to download and easy for your customer to scan content quickly.

As with all marketing channels, businesses need to define their mobile goals from the outset. Mobile campaigns should also be integrated with the broader company strategy. This holistic approach should incorporate all available mobile platforms and devices, as well as the mobile web and tablets.

These simple steps will give your company a competitive edge. And as we have learned from the online world, those that react early gain valuable insights and information about what works and what doesn’t. This allows marketers and businesses to match those insights to their broader business strategy, and ultimately reach out to their customers on the devices that are interwoven into the fabric of our daily lives.

Paul Coleman founder of Fuse Mobile, one of Australia’s leading mobile agencies, takes a look at how consumers are leading the way in the post PC era.