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Who wants to back maker of anti-energy beverages? Tauro Capital finds a boutique fund


Tauro Capital Partners has helped Anti-Energy Beverages Inc. – makers of what could be termed a new age beverage called Everyday Sunday – raise $500,000 on top of a ASSOB process that drew smaller amounts from early bird investors.

The Melbourne corporate advisory firm, which specialises in advising unlisted companies how to raise capital, said it located and introduced a boutique fund that then invested half a million in the beverage startup. It did not name the fund.

With its suggestive name, Anti-Energy Beverages’ agenda is quite clear. It believes people may be in greater need of beverages that help soothe frayed nerves on high-strung days, rather than energy drinks, most dripping with caffeine. Its first product is an all-natural drink, refreshingly called Everyday Sunday and suggestive of a spirit people can still summon even if they can’t roll back the calendar.

A cocktail of herbs

“Tauro Capital Partners ran a great process for us. We were able to access a small amount of capital quickly to get things moving and the team at Tauro located the perfect strategic investor,” said Anti-Energy Beverages co-founder and CEO Eddie Pereira.

“It took a while to find the right investor but Tauro never gave up on us,” he added.

Tauro Capital Managing Director Simon Ward called Anti-Energy Beverages a “complete start-up” at the time of his engagement. Still, “…we were keen to get involved given our positive past experiences in the FMCG space,” he said, calling the company’s beverage “a totally unique product.”

Everyday Sunday is the result of a collaboration among Pereira, a sales and marketing expert; Ryan Connolly, a web and design exert; Sherwin Hannie, a business coach; and Roneel Raju, a Fiji native who is separately marketing coconut-based isotonic beverages.

Everyday Sunday includes Passionflower, Valerian and Chamomile extracts, besides rosehips. The first three herbs are known to relieve insomnia and anxiety, while rosehips are believed to help diarrhoea, bladder infections and diabetes, besides providing large dollops of Vitamin C.

Tauro has a network of high net worth investors who bring expertise as well as capital to the table, and also a database of over 20,000 smaller passive investors. An early adopter of crowdfunding in Australia, Tauro has won the gold medal for the most amount of capital raised on the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board, Australia’s leading crowdfunding platform, for successive years.

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