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What makes a great Australian advertisement? Eight made it to Cannes. But none brought home Gold..

Photo 5, for Canon Australia by Leo Burnett Sydney

This year, at the Cannes Lions Advertising Awards, eight Australian advertising campaigns were chosen to enter the competition, picking up three Silver and three Bronze Lions, though none was honoured with the coveted Gold. (Our neighbours from DDB New Zealand took home a Gold Lion as well as two Silvers.)

Seizing the opportunity to do its own vox pop, research agency Firefly Millward Brown decided to ask Australians what they thought about what makes great advertising and which of the Australian ads in the competition they would give first prize.

According to the research agency, Australians chose the Carlton Dry (Skeet Shooter) and the Guide Dogs Australia (Support Scent). Both ads tied for first place, followed by Canon Photochains, M&Ms and V Australia.

“The findings showed that people don’t like to be shouted at, don’t want to be treated like idiots and want ads that capture the imagination,” said Pamela Ingall, Australian Director of Firefly Millward Brown. “Respondents also said the ads need to have a point or make them think about the brand.”

This seems kind of obvious. What is more surprising (and far more interesting) is the broader interpretation of ‘advertising’ by some of our Australian contenders. Is a Tweet an advertisment? Is a box of random objects an ad? Can wrapping paper be defined as an ad — even if specifically designed to trigger controversy (and hopefully, therefore, a viral response)?

And what do Anthill readers think about this? We can only ask.

Below are the eight ads that entered the competition, plus this year’s Grand Prix winner (from the United Kingdom). What do you think makes a great Australian ad?

The Great Christmas Wrapping Swindle, for the Football Federation Australia by Lowe Sydney

How To Get People to Fly to L.A. Using 140 Characters or Less, for the Virgin Blue Group by Droga5 Sydney

Photo 5, for Canon Australia by Leo Burnett Sydney

Photochains, for Canon Australia by Leo Burnett Sydney

Groceries, for Diageo by Leo Burnett Sydney

It’s often said that cobblers always wear the the worst shoes. Well, it may also be said that advertising agencies are often among the worst at promoting their own ads. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to locate this advertisement. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. (It shouldn’t be hard, Leo Burnett. Ever heard of YouTube?)

Carlton Dry Dreams, for Carlton & United Breweries by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Support Scent, for Guide Dogs Australia by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Naked M&Ms Get Noticed, for Mars Chocolate Australia by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

And this year’s winner: Sandwich, for Pepsico by AMV BBDO London