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    What is Office 365?


    Microsoft has launched its newest cloud productivity and collaboration service – Office 365.

    Microsoft Office 365 can be a virtual office for all businesses, big and small. Partnership with Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Lync Online has enabled Office 365 to provide an always-up-to-date cloud service, at a calculable monthly subscription.

    Office365 makes it easy for every business to stay on top of everything through its virtually anywhere-access mode. Having an easy and secure passageway to all your contacts, calendars, emails, and important documents is what it offers. Its familiar Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tools are compatible with your office computers or any internet-run device you have, wherever you are.

    Microsoft Office 365 is now available for Australian businesses via Telstra’s T-Suite service and for 40 other markets. Those eligible Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) customers can choose to purchase directly through their EA.The collaboration between Microsoft and Telstra will now give any enterprise in Australia a fair chance to compete with each other and climb the ladder of success.

    Office 365 provides world-class security and convenience, all at a price you can afford. There is a wide range of service plans for a predictable monthly price per user per month. For example,  with Office 365 for small businesses, customers can be up and running with Office Web Apps, Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Lync Online and an external website in minutes, for  $7.90 AUD per user, per month. These tools put enterprise-grade email, shared documents, instant messaging, video and Web conferencing, portals, and more at everyone’s fingertips.

    What to expect from Office 365?

    Office 365 incorporates familiar productivity tools with the latest cloud technology to enable a business to move forward without changing the way it works. This innovative collaboration platform makes it possible for people to work on the “same page” even when they are half a world apart. Office 365 can be used through any internet-run device.

    The perfect orchestration of familiar and trusted tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access and more enhances the familiar user experience and feature-rich functionality that you need to work together with ease. Office 365 makes it easy to adapt to the ever-changing culture of communications by providing a more personalised, reliable, and secure way of collaborating with each other.

    A huge network surrounds Office 365, such as systems integrators, software vendors, resellers, and other partners. Microsoft continues to develop a robust partner ecosystem for Office 365 to give customers superior flexibility and control of their IT environment.

    What are customers and partners saying about Office 365?

    Klaus Schelp, IT Manager, SBS Australia said: “With Office 365, we can send email with minimal disruption and with the quickest route to being live. It also gave our IT department more time to focus on business critical projects.”

    “Our recruitment company has uniquely tapped into the stay-at-home-mum workforce, which wouldn’t have been possible without cloud technology” said Andy Springer, Co-Founder and Talent Director, Rookie Recruits. “Its feature-rich enterprise grade technology is very cost-effective, giving our employees the freedom to work from their chosen device, through their chosen browser while keeping everyone connected to each other.”

    “We want to take advantage of the T-Suite platform and the cloud to widen our target market. Telstra, our exclusive reseller, is helping us to achieve our goal”, said Steven Anderton, General Manager, OSC.

    “Office 365 grants ultimate freedom to all clients to run their businesses smoothly. Accessing most advanced productivity solution in the market has never been easier because of it”, said Nick Sone, General Manager, Ensyst.

    Loryan Strant, Director, Paradyne said: “Office 365 is a confidence booster for SMB customers. Having world-class tools at the palm of their hands provide equal opportunity to challenge big-time enterprises.”