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Finding IT talent will never be the same again thanks to MS Gooroo


With its vision of building a global source of IT talent using complex data science to accurately match people to jobs, careers, companies and training, MS Gooroo, the online community for technology professionals, is aiming to disrupt the IT recruitment industry, forever.

MS Gooroo is initially targeting technologists who have some proven skills with the Microsoft technology stack.

And with over 10 million Microsoft-specific jobs advertised each year and about 100 million IT professionals in this category, MS Gooroo expects to leap frog what has been a slow-to-innovate, recruitment sector.

Digital veteran and MS Gooroo Chairman & Founder Greg Muller remarked that it has become obvious that the current recruitment processes are broken, and the generic job board trend is saturated and has run its course.

“Companies are sick and tired of the expensive, hit and miss process. Our matching capability will deliver the most accurate match to a company and their needs,” he said.

Bringing the power of branding to recruitment

MS Gooroo will also provide IT professionals a unique opportunity to build a personal brand, which Muller says is not always something that feels natural to this sector.

“Typically they have had to rely on their ‘hard skills’ to find work. MS Gooroo couples verified hard skills with an individual’s ‘softer side’ to give a 360 degree view, something companies find costly and time consuming to compile, quite often after it’s too late,” he explains.

MS Gooroo will use personality assessment tools and verification to round out the talent’s online profile. Coupling that information with an environment where members can connect and share knowledge means that employers will get a more complete view of the individual, thus reducing the risk and increasing the speed of the hiring process.

Helping you reach the career of your dreams

MS Gooroo is focusing on creating tools to help its members chart the next steps in their career. Members can decide who has access to view their information, who has permission to contact them (so they don’t get annoyed by endless recruiter requests) and what companies they want to work for.

While some IT professionals have a clear sense of their career’s direction, many are not sure about which path to take. This is where MS Gooroo’s Career Planner comes in handy.

The Career Planner plots possible career paths by filling in the gaps between what skills one possesses right now and where they want to be in the future.

On top of that, MS Gooroo’s statistics engine maps career salary curves, providing members with the unique opportunity to project their future earnings.

Members can plan for their future and be referred to targeted training courses and certifications, knowing well that these added skills will put them in a position to earn more.

What makes MS Gooroo tick?

MS Gooroo has based its initial models on complex statistical analysis of over a million Microsoft-related job ads from around the globe, deploying advanced data analytics borrowed from cancer research.

The technology, built in Melbourne maps the relationships between over 3,000 technology skills, roles (and their derivations), salary, experience and region which are then mapped to Microsoft competencies, tools and platforms.

MS Gooroo launched a beta version of the product early this month and is inviting IT professionals to build their profile and invite colleagues. About one million Microsoft-related technology jobs are already available from companies around the world.

New benefits and features are expected to be rolled out over the coming weeks.

Employer functionality will be released in June. If you an employer interested in forming part of a foundational benefits program, feel free to contact the MS Gooroo team at [email protected].