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What can an entrepreneur learn from this wedding proposal? [VIDEO]


Think about it. You know a lot of people. If they believe in your idea, your passion and drive, then, frankly, there is an awful lot you can achieve.

This marriage proposal, set in a Home Depot Store in Salt Lake City, was masterminded by Spencer. He wanted to propose to his boyfriend Dustin. He wanted it to be memorable, special and, achieve the desired outcome.

He mustered together his friends, family and, it appears the operators of the Home Depot store, to create an incredibly well choreographed dance routine to woo his boy.

Why is this entrepreneurial? It takes a lot of effort to pull off the smallest event. I know, one of my businesses is an events company. This took a huge effort – getting people to be there, getting people to learn the dance, getting people who couldn’t be there is person to be there via FaceTime.

And, look at everyone. They are happy, they are enjoying themselves, even if they feel a little self conscious and don’t want to dance. They came along for the journey to create this event. They believed in the motivation behind it.

That is the goal of every entrepreneur – to bring people along for the journey and to make them believe.

PS. you may need tissues.

Spencer’s home depot marriage proposal