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What are the best businesses for stay-at-home mums to start?


While you may not need a fortune to live a comfortable life, it’s hard to deny that some extra money in your bank account can really help. And, when you’re a stay at home mum, it can seem like you’ve got limited options.

There’s no question that being a full time mum is hard enough as it is, and that you probably work harder than you did at that very first job you held down – or the last one you had, for that matter. But, there are plenty of opportunities out there for mums, and with just a little bit of effort you could find that starting up your own business is more than just a fantasy – it could be a reality.

Here are some of the best ideas to get you started.

Freelance writing

If you have even a moderate way with words, you can often land a job as a freelance writer. While you won’t need a fancy business name, you will still be running a business. Start off by contacting local or nearby magazines or newspapers, then branch out onto the internet and see if you can find freelance writing jobs. Odds are, it’s easier to find one than you think.

Home day care

It’s not difficult to turn your home into a home day care. While there could be restrictions and rules that you have to follow, it’s often quite easy to meet simple requirements and in some cases you can care for several children without having to meet restrictions. Spend a few minutes researching your options, and you may find that this is a viable choice.

Network marketing opportunities

Some of the most reputable network marketing businesses are full of successful six figure earning mums. Gone are the days of chasing your neighbour’s down the road trying to ram products down their neck that they don’t want. There are some great network marketing businesses such as Isagenix & Arbonne that have top quality products that are in very high demand.

Photography studios

Whether you’re taking portraits for couples on their wedding day, setting up in-home studio sessions, or taking stock photos and selling them to stock photography sites, it’s possible to build a love for photography into a profitable business.


Professional blogging is a real industry. It’s more difficult to succeed in than the other options on this list, but could be well worth taking a look into if you’re willing to write great blog posts. You can monetize your site by placing ads throughout your blog. You do need to have a high number of visitors to make this successful, but if you do, there could be some easy residual income to be made.

Virtual assistant or bookkeeper

Do you have an administration background? Good with numbers? With most things being in the ‘cloud’ and virtual, a lot of small business owners are hiring virtual assistants, especially mums. Most small businesses don’t need full time staff so virtual assistants who can work a few days a week are much more desirable for a new business.

Online retail business

Setting up a storefront is much easier these days then it used to be. You don’t need a lot of cash to get started, and you can find a lot of suppliers out there that offer drop-shipping services so you don’t need a big warehouse (or second bedroom!) to hold stock.

Simply put, you’ve got options and it’s possible to fit your business into your already hectic day. With the right business idea and some perseverance, you could create a great income opportunity and even create a new career that will take you and your family into the future.

Sam helps new entrepreneurs rapidly turn their ideas into businesses. Sam’s client list has included some of BRW Magazine & Google’s top performers and one of Australia’s leading venture capital companies. Sam wants to inspire people to build a better future for themselves by creating their own online business. She offers an easy to follow, step-by-step system to get a business up and running within 7 days & currently sells ready-made eCommerce solutions to aspiring entrepreneurs throughout Australia.

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