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Website of the Week: The Mobiler


the-mobiler_325x325Since the very early days of Anthill Magazine, our good friends over at Gizmag.com (back then called Gizmo) have been generously sending through stories and photos of the latest tech toys and gadgets that surface around the globe. This forms the basis for our ‘Tech IT (or leave it)’ section in the print magazine – a perennial favourite with readers.

This week, Gizmag launched The Mobiler, a sister site covering all things mobile. With the release of Apple’s iPhone, Research In Motion’s Blackberry Storm, Google’s Android project and other cutting edge products, it’s safe to say that mobile is hot right now. The fact that many developing world countries are skipping the costly process of establishing fixed broadband infrastructure in favour of mobile development means the market size for mobile is mind-boggling. This, of course, attracts immense competition and creates a hotbed of innovation.

For the latest developments in mobile, check out The Mobiler: http://the-mobiler.com