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As we go more and more digital, this is how your business should approach the ‘always on’ consumer [INFOGRAPHIC]


People are living digitally at home, at work and everywhere in between, offering businesses a chance to connect with their customers 24/7.

The issue lies in when and how to target these consumers. 57 per cent of consumers are more likely to pay attention to companies if they are contacted at the right time and in the right context, and 52 per cent of consumers expect businesses to know when this time is.

Nearly 50 per cent of consumers know that companies benefit from their data but they do not know how to trade it for value in return. However it is worth noting, that 75 per cent of consumers want companies to delete their data after a certain period of time.

It really is a balancing act.

Steve Hashman, a director at Exponential Solutions (The CUBE) regularly writes about marketing techniques and he produced this really insightful infographic about targeting and understanding the new ‘always on’ consumer.

It describes the five key demands of this ‘always on’ consumer so companies can begin targeting them on terms the modern consumer understands.