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Want Media Exposure for Your Business?


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Getting media coverage is the Holy Grail of marketing, but are you in good PR shape? Go to our Seven Step PR Workout to see how media fit you really are. With a bit of preparation, it won’t take long to begin your media run.

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The Seven Step Seeking Media PR Workout

The media receive story approaches all the time, so before you take any action it’s important to have all your bases covered.  Below is a check list for any business planning to target the media.  If you can confidently tick all the boxes, you have a better chance of getting media attention.

1.     Do you have something that’s newsworthy?  The media are always interested in a good story with a ‘newsy’ angle.  They are not interested in blatant advertising pitches.

2.     Is your media story ready?  Once you’ve determined you have a good story, you need to be able to tell it in a way that grabs attention.  A professionally written press release is essential.

3.     Are all the other pieces in place?  You’ve written your press release, including a hard-hitting headline and attention-grabbing lead.  But do you have high-resolution images available, or are product review samples available if required? These will help sell your story.

4.     Do you know your specific media targets?  The more targeted you are with media the better, so you need to have a detailed list of the media you will be sending your story to prepared beforehand.  A pet hate of all media is receiving approaches and material on subjects that have no relevance to their publication, show format or area.

5.     Are you prepared to comment?  Having gone to the trouble of preparing and sending out a press release, you need to be available in case the media want to contact you for more information. Don’t keep them waiting, and have your key messages at your fingertips.

6.     Do you have a follow-up plan?  Sending a press release and other relevant material is one thing, but you need to spend time following up to get the best results.  Unless your story is breaking news, don’t expect the media to come chasing you.  You need to chase them.

7.     Do you want a one-night stand or long-term relationship?  Getting a press release out there and hitting the phones is great, but having a strategic PR plan is important to maximise your media potential.  Think about developing regular media stories to build momentum, so you are not seen as just another business trying to grab the spotlight.

Click here to download your free Seeking Media Press Release Template.


About Seeking Media

seekingmedia.com.au® is an online press release platform that enables users to send their news directly to Australian press (newspapers and magazines), broadcast (radio and television) and online media (internet and newswires), quickly, easily and cost-effectively, from anywhere at any time.

Reach a worldwide audience with your news!

It’s simple to use and, after sending your press release using one of our cost-effective media packages (starting at $44), your news will appear in a matter of minutes on major online news sites including Google News, ensuring you reach a worldwide audience.

That means anyone searching for your type of service or product can find your press release announcement instantly, helping to drive more online traffic to your website. And by targeting other media, such as newspapers and magazines, you have the opportunity of achieving mass publicity to help boost your sales and profits.

We also allow you to add images with your press release FREE, so you can advertise your products prominently and as often as you like.

Forget costly advertising or PR campaigns!

Why spend hundreds or even thousands on advertising to a limited audience, when you can reach millions of online browsers for free?

Getting your story released to the media can have a massive impact on the exposure and recognition of your business or organisation. If you have never considered using publicity, PR or media releases to promote your business before, now you can. And we can even write or edit your press release to make the whole process even easier.

We do all the hard work

We have a comprehensive, continuously updated media contact database. This means that you can send your press release to a selection of almost 3,000 Australian newspapers, magazines, trade publications, television, radio, news wire services, online media outlets and the thousands of individual editors, publishers and senior journalists that work for them. Our contacts range from national, metropolitan, regional, suburban, industry, special interest and multicultural media. We have all of your press release needs covered.

Keep the change!

Our press releases packages start from as little as $40, and you can send a press release to all major newspapers, radio, television and newswires for less than $300. Check our Pricing tab for a complete list of the packages available.

Getting your message through

Your press release distribution can be as broad or narrow as you like. We have more than 250 specific industry and interest categories, from business to sports to entertainment. This means that you can target the editors and journalists that write about your area of interest, increasing the chances of your press release getting published. You don’t need to worry about setting up your own categories when you aren’t sure of the destinations.

Premium Services

Our knowledge of media organisations, editorial structures and processes is second to none. Our journalists will write press releases, professionally edit your releases and manage the whole process. We also offer direct media follow-up, which can greatly increase your chances of getting mainstream media coverage. View some of our results here.


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