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Why this snake eating crocodile reminds me of tenacious entrepreneurs [VIDEO]


Let’s face it. There are few things more Australian than the current viral video taken by Tiffany Corlis of a python devouring a crocodile out near Mt Isa in Queensland.

While the rest of the world sits in awe and fear, I saw a different angle to this video.

Granted, that’s my job when wearing my Anthill Editor hat, but still.

Maybe because I grew up in Queensland, where there are spiders that eat birds and snakes, that I didn’t think this predator battle was that unusual. Or, maybe it’s because I’ve been working in startups and enterprises for so long, where battles like this happen all the time.

You see, what I saw in this video was something that every entrepreneur can learn from, especially if you’re feeling a bit defeated. And, let’s face it, we all have days like that.

Few people would suspect that an average looking snake would to be able to strangle a crocodile, let alone eat it. But, it happened, we have the video proof!

See, this happens in business all the time.

Startups create all sorts of pain and surprises for larger, more established businesses. That’s one of the joys of being an entrepreneur, of innovating and doing things differently. Being a disruptive influence in an established industry means you’re doing something right!

There are many startups that have proven successful by being persistent and being highly agile, when taking on a larger competitor.

Just like this snake. It stuck to its plan to eat a large meal. It used its strength and skills to win. After five long hours, it succeeded in strangling the crocodile and, eating it. I’m pretty sure the crocodile was as surprised as anyone by this outcome.

So, if you’re a startup punching above your weight, remember this snake.

It persisted. It won. It now has a very full belly to show for its efforts. It used its skills, its cunning and its agility to win.

A crocodile should never under estimate a snake.

An established business should never under estimate a tenacious entrepreneur.

Snake devours crocodile after a five hour battle