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This should hang on every entrepreneur’s wall


There isn’t an abundance of wall art created to appeal directly to the bootstrapping entrepreneur, so when we stumble on some we like, we shine our spotlight on it.

From the wonderfully verdant mind of entrepreneurial illustrator Hugh MacLeod, author of Ignore Everybody (listed among Amazon’s Top 10 Editor’s Picks for Best Business Books 2009), comes this print worthy of hanging on any entrepreneur’s wall.

Gaping Void - I'm not delusional. I'm an entrepreneur.

While outsiders may view this and think satire, entrepreneurs will know that MacLeod’s piece taps into the peculiar brand of optimism and energy that resides in every bootstrapper who ever built something up from nothing while everyone around them was telling them it was impossible.

If you like it, you can buy it and other prints from MacLeod’s online print gallery. He’s also an intelligent tweeter: @gapingvoid