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Here’s a retail website that actually gets it right


In the past, we at Anthill have been guilty of only covering the websites of retail businesses if they were doing something remarkably innovative or clever. Nothing personal – it’s just that many retail businesses tend to adhere closely to a cookie-cutter mould when putting together their online presence.

But from time to time a slick retail business’s website grabs our attention. Take www.redshedcafe.com.au, the digital window to the real Red Shed Cafe located at Medhurst Wines in Victoria’s Yarra Valley.

No world-changing apps or game-changing widgets here. This site is clever, simple, oozing with the personality of the cafe and its owners, without forgetting important things, like a mailing list sign-up form and map (all-too-often forgotten) – just the stuff that makes you want to leave work early, jump in the car and head straight for their version of the good life.

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