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This Melbourne start-up has made Dominos’ delivery tracking app a reality for all local pizza shops


Domino’s Pizza claims it will be the first company worldwide to allow customers to track pizza deliveries on their smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs, according to WSJ.

“In the delivery business, it’s a dark spot,” Don Meij, CEO of Domino’s Australia, told The Wall Street Journal earlier this year.

“Now, it’ll be fully disclosed and transparent.”

Domino’s Pizza will apply that logic to a new app it plans to roll out this summer that lets users track their delivery driver’s progress to their home.

A delivery tracking solution for all

For most local pizza shop owners, delivery would have continued to be in a dark spot up until recently when Melbourne delivery software start-up, Swift launched their delivery management software that enables any business that delivers to offer real-time delivery tracking of their items.

Quite quickly you might just see every pizza shop in your area offering Uber-like pizza delivery tracking as Swift is now positioning itself as eliminating the delivery anxiety gap for all businesses who deliver.

“Missed delivery is costly and a painful logistics experience for both the consumer and the delivery company, yet majority of companies in this multi-billion dollar industry don’t even know where their fleet is in real time. There seems to be some key technology missing here to create exponential efficiencies.” said Joel MacDdonald (pictured) co-founder and CEO of Swift, which started out delivering beer on scooters in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

“It now it no longer makes sense for delivery companies to waste time and money on building their own delivery systems and courier apps.”

“Swift empowers businesses who manage their own delivery fulfilment to transform their very costly manual processes into a powerful competitive advantage, from lowering costs, and reducing missed deliveries to maximising delivery driver uptime and increasing the end user delivery experience through Uber-like parcel tracking.”

How is Swift doing so far?

Swift is being described in Silicon Valley as the “Shopify for delivery management” but Joel is quick to rationalise that such a statement is nothing more than “a simple way to explain what we do.”

“Our core focus right now is developing the software and scaling our customer acquisition strategy to one day replace the phone lines, scanners, two way radios and job sheet print outs that majority of carriers are still using”

It has been a busy 12 months for Swift after signing a multi-million dollar deal with one of America’s largest e-commerce retailers and entering a new partnership with online grocer and fellow Melbourne start-up Grocery Butler to deliver customers’ online groceries orders within the hour.

Swift has also recently closed a round of funding and is now gaining a lot of traction in the US for their SaaS platform.

“We have been fortunate enough to utilise the US network of our early stage investor, BlueChilli,” Joel said. “We have since added Bane Hunter as an advisor to our team. Bane has been instrumental in helping negotiate our most notable milestones to date and is heading up BlueChilli’s Global expansion and strategy.”

“Having seen Bane in action with other companies as well as the exceptionally quick value he has brought to Swift, he is an absolute money making machine and BlueChilli’s secret weapon.”

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