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This is an article about nothing. Well, nothing other than some storytelling tips from Jerry Seinfeld [VIDEO]


It took Jerry Seinfeld two years to write one of his routines. It was about Pop Tarts. And chimps.

But, mainly, it was about breakfast food, which, if you’re a Seinfeld fan, you’ll know that he has a borderline unhealthy obsession with.

In this video interview with New York Times, Seinfeld explains how to write a joke. But, as his jokes are about telling stories, try applying this logic to any business pitch or presentation you may be creating.

It’s not just about the laughs, it’s also about the structure and the fine tuning. While I’m hoping it doesn’t take you two years to refine your business pitch, Seinfeld shares some great insights into writing copy.

You may think it’s nothing to write a joke or a page of copy or a business pitch. But, those who do it, know that it really is something.

Jerry Seinfeld on how to write a joke

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