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This business hub has opened its first coworking space in Melbourne


Business hub the ‘11th Space’ officially opened the doors to its first Melbourne co-working space, offering a brand new ecosystem that is set to open a whole new world of co-working in Australia. 

Aiming to help grow businesses in the startup phase, the 11th Space acts as an ecosystem for both local and international entrepreneurs to find mentors, networks, investors and support systems within global settings.

Serial Entrepreneur and Founder Ivan Tandyo said that the 11th space has been carefully designed with all the services and resources to assist new businesses to thrive, providing the ability to measure how sustainable, feasible and profitable they can be according to their business plan.

“The 11th Space exists to be the catalyst in the world of entrepreneurship, providing a supportive ecosystem that offers end to end solutions for both new and developing businesses, ensuring new businesses are mentored towards sustainable growth.”

What comprises the 11th Space?

The 11th Space ecosystem consists of a mentorship driven program, collective learning, diverse and passionate networks, as well as access to funding.

Acting as the gateway between key business hubs in the Asia Pacific, the 11th Space’s first focal point is to bring Indonesian startups to the Collins Street hub.

“Australia is the international hub of the Oceanic region and we want to foster the energy of two neighbouring countries through the collaboration of startups in both Indonesia and Australia.

“Indonesia has a rapidly expanding market in terms of its startup scene and our goal is to unlock international connections that are based in Melbourne for them, while helping enhance and accelerate their overall business journey,” said Ivan.

Located at 580 Collins Street, the 11th Space is nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s business district. The space comprises 600 square metres on the 11th floor and has the capacity to house 83 people across 11 private offices, seven hot desks and 28 dedicated desks.

Accounting, specialised programs, concierge services, legal services, bookkeeping, and branding and design are just some of the many services available to members of the 11th Space.

Within the next 12 months, the 11th Space plans to expand further, with a Jakarta hub already in the pipeline as a means of encouraging a cross-border ecosystem.